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Cadet Objectives

3225 Templeton Gap Rd Suite 213,
Colorado Springs,
Colorado 80907
Contact Person: Paul Janisko
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Date added: 30.8.2010
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The Plan
A wing commander with a vision meets a private software development company who belives in the mission.

Cadet wing commanders spend more time documenting Air Force regulations than teaching it. This problem is very clear and needed to be optimized. As Wing Commander, Luis Monsalve devised a plan to utilize a private software development company to create a program to manage LLAB Objectives, LLAB Attendance, and PT Attendance. For only his detachment? No. The entire United States. He, with the support of Colonel Keith Tobin and Rendered Source have a vision of standardizing how AFROTC manages detachment information.

The Cadet Performance Tracker is Born
Extracting knowledge and transforming it into a web based software platform, that’s where Rendered Source comes in.

Detachment 105 and Rendered Source were able to create a software platform to fully manage all LLAB Objectives, LLAB Attendance, and PT Attendance in an extremely user friendly way. Managing cadets and the detachment couldn’t be easier. POC’s can manage their cadet information, and information is displayed to cadre and commanders in a format where they can understand how each flight is performing.

Because of the specific and well defined vision of Detatchment 105, Rendered Source decided to build this software in a profit sharing venture with Detachment 105. Rendered Source is extremely pleased with the hard work and efforts of D105 and the high degree of competence of Air Force ROTC regulations enabling this software to become a success for all detachments across the United States of America.

Special Thanks

This service could not have happened without the support of C/Col Luis Monsalve. His vision and leadership guided this software all of the way through deployment. Colonel Keith Tobin, C/Col Angela Pollard, and all of the Detachment 105 cadets... thank you for the discipline, coordination and quality of information provided to Rendered Source to make this software service even be possible. Working with Detachment 105 was an amazing experience for Rendered Source and this software platform could not have been possible without the hard work of everyone in Detachment 105. Hats off to D105!!!
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