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Welcome to "CoffeeCrew"... This is the new collaborative "Mini-Meetup" initiative we have launched for CSE Group Members who want to lead their own topic-specific weekly or bi-weekly meetings during the morning or afternoon hours on a more frequent basis, (outside of our normal monthly meetups) but now will have a place to organize their meeting schedules, post blog entries in their own "Mini-Portal" that supports comments, and be able to create their own identity. Each CoffeeCrew Mini-Meetup also has its own Forum area for detailed topic discussions, support, etc.

Example CoffeeCrew "Mini-Meetup":  (This is an example of one of our CoffeeCrews from several years ago)

If you are interested in holding your own "CoffeeCrew" Mini-Meetup, and would like to become a "CoffeeCrew Coordinator" and be able to self-manage your own Mini-Meetup event calendar, blog, and forum area, please send an e-mail to the web-site coordinator using the Contact Us form on this site.



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