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Creative Cafe - businesses helping each other succeed!


Creative Cafe is a mini-workshop for entrepreneurs (and everyone) to share ideas and help each other succeed in life - both financially and personally.  Attendees will be broken into groups of 4 to 6 to form "Creative Mastermind Teams".  These teams will use various tools and techniques, such as the Creativity Game, to spark new ideas for marketing, sales, new products, new business ventures, finding customers (locally, nationally, & globally), using technology (websites, MailChimp, Survey Monkey, etc.), and much, much more.  Of greatest benefit will be a new understanding of life from the Emotive Energy Model of the brain, mind, & emotions - virtually a "Rosetta Stone" of the Life Sciences.  Included will be the 4 Paths to Happiness, essential for understanding your customers, your family, and yourself!

This new CSE Group member-led team being headed up by John "JAK" Keeran and Dr. Kalish Jaitly, a professor of clinical psychology, is a new group to emerge and indicate a willingness to support the "Entrepreneurial NEMOSystem" outreach initiative that CSE Group has proposed.  As many of you know, "NEMOSystem" stands for "NEO Enterprise Mentoring & Optimization" System, and is our proposed Innovation and Entrepreneurial Reform initiative we are promoting and pursuing at the CSE Group to help contribute "on the ground and grass roots driven solutions" for Economic Reform, and Entrepreneurial culture development here in the Springs.

The vision of JAK and Dr. Jaitly is to have open meetings around town (following the CSE Group "CoffeeCrew" Mini-Meetup model), and call them "Creative Cafe mini-workshops".  These will not be "networking" meetings, though networking is not discouraged, but rather "roll up your sleeves" mini-workshops to generate new and innovative ideas to stimulate business and economic growth within Colorado.  Rather than trying to sell your products or services to other attendees, you will work with others to locate and contact ideal customers, brainstorm new ways to market your products or services, and help you clarify the benefits of what you have to offer.  Rather than selling to other attendees, you are encouraged to market test new ideas with them or have them help overcome any obstacles your business is facing.  Have them help you hone a 30 second "elevator" pitch.  Have them help identify the most appealing aspects of your products or services.  Have them help you connect with customers or others who can help you and your business.  "How can I do this better?"  "How do you do it?"  "Do you know someone who can help me with websites (or printing or supplies or shipping, etc.)?"  "Can we cross-market together?"  "What do you think about this idea?"

Creative Cafe - businesses helping each other succeed.


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