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Thursday, 06 September 2012 14:57

Creative Cafe - Sept. 4, 2012

Written by John Keeran

Last Tuesday was our Creative Cafe #5, and we had 3 newcomers, Celene, Paul, and Lynne. (Janet returned from a first time visit the week before.)

TUESDAYS THRU DEC. 18th - Dr. Jaitly and I will be continuing our Creative Cafe mini-workshops every Tuesday through Dec. 18th. We will play the Creativity Game from 7-8pm and then have a helpful topic during the last half hour. The topics will repeat for two consecutive weeks, so attending twice per month (Tuesday #1 & #4, #2 & #3, etc.) will allow you to hear each topic. Our next Creative Cafe will, again, be at Poor Richard's Bookstore: 

     DATE: Tuesday, Sept. 11th 

      TIME: 7-8pm "Creativity Game"; 8-8:30pm "Efficiency - It's the Law!" 

      PLACE: Poor Richard's Bookstore (320 N. Tejon St.) 

PLEASE RSVP!! (Carol RSVP'd for the 11th, and Janet has a standing RSVP.)

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE - The benefits from playing the Creativity Game come with continued practice, just like learning a musical instrument. If you can only "STAY to PLAY" from 7-8pm, your thinking power will benefit. Our topics during the last half hour are also very useful, and if you can stick around, we promise to be fast with our topic and get you out by 8:30pm.

MEET NEW PEOPLE - You are always MORE CREATIVE within a group than alone -especially if everyone is "TURBO-CHARGED" with the techniques we teach in Creative Cafe. As of last Tuesday, we have had 20 different people playing the Creativity Game over the past month or so. Over 90% would recommend or "likely" would recommend these mini-workshops to others. Since changing our format last month, 12 newcomers have attended our mini-workshops, and 100% would recommend these mini-workshops to others.

BRING A FRIEND - Creativity benefits from diversity. Bring a friend or your spouse to get everyone's creativity into high gear. BUT PLEASE RSVP!

YOUR CREATIVITY IS READY TO EXPLODE - Once again, when our newcomers played the Creativity Game without knowing our techniques, most players are finding only a handful of relationships. (Celene, though, is a natural and found 11.) Yet, after learning our techniques, that number frequently doubles. To us, that proves that YOUR innate creativity is bubbling right below the surface and only needs a nudge to break out and free itself! We don't teach creativity, we REAWAKEN creativity! Plus, as we've seen over and over, when your creativity is merged with the creativity of others, a "creative frenzy" emerges, and the ideas can flow in torrents.

FEEDBACK - The feedback continues with the recurrent theme of "SHUT UP & PLAY MORE!" But last week we played the Creativity Game for the whole hour and a half! We skipped the TOPIC in order to keep playing. Targeting and solving a specific issue or problem is clearly the most popular feature (Round 5 - Blueprint Analogies). Even so, regular practice of Round 2 (BELLIES) is necessary to strengthen and enhance the ability to see options and opportunities. However, there are more rounds of the Creativity Game with additional benefits ...

ROUNDS 3 & 4 - On Sept. 18th & 25th, I will be introducing Rounds 3 & 4 of the Creativity Game. Round 3 forces you to "break rules", an essential part of true creativity. It forces you to re-evaluate what you "think" a situation may be. Though you may think you know what "obstacle" you face, Round 3 says, "No!" And you must re-frame the issue or problem. Round 4 exercises "plotting a path" toward your goal. If you come up with a creative idea, you will likely face, "How do I get there from here?" Round 4 provides practice for navigating from anywhere to somewhere else.

Plan to join us in September!

JAK 719-464-2422

Friday, 20 July 2012 15:03

SUMMARY: Creative Cafe July 17th

Written by John Keeran

Hi Everyone,

A number of you are aware that Dr. Kailash Jaitly and I are hosting free Creative Cafe mini-workshops, a part of Mike Schmidt's Coffee Crew program.  We just had our first mini-workshop last Tuesday, and we apologize for not sending a mass email to everyone who has expressed interest.  Our venue is small, and we focused our initial contact with local Toastmasters, hoping to get feedback about the structure of the 1st presentation, so that we could clean it up before a formal unveiling.  Effectively, last Tuesday was a "dress rehearsal", and here is the summary of the feedback.


LOCATION: Poor Richard's Bookstore, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm.


TOPIC: "BELLIES" Creativity Technique & 4 Paths to Happiness

QUESTION #1 - Did today's seminar enrich or enhance your understanding of life?

RESPONSE: 7 of 7 replied "YES".

QUESTION #2 - Which seminar ideas were most helpful or useful?

RESPONSE: 4 of 7 noted the "BELLIES" technique as most useful; 3 of 7 noted the 4 Paths as most useful.  (However, some noted one topic as most useful and then requested more time for the other topic in Questions #3 & #4.)

QUESTION #3 - Which ideas should be given MORE time and/or practice?

QUESTION #4 - Which ideas should be given LESS time and/or practice?

RESPONSE: Overall, the responses could be summarized as "Talk Less, Play More!"  Even so, some desired more information about applying creativity as well as the 4 Paths to Happiness in everyday life.

QUESTION #5 - Would you recommend this seminar to others?

RESPONSE: 7 of 7 replied "YES".

QUESTION #6 - Other comments, suggestions, or questions?

RESPONSE: The most common comment was the noise of the bookstore.  (An unexpected musical activity was happening in Rico's.  Later, Poor Richard's assured me that this occurrence was a management error and should not happen again.)  Other comments included curiosity about the other attendees and needing more info about the benefits of creativity.

OVERALL: We packaged too much into an hour, and the attendees, intrigued by the Creativity Game, wanted to play more.  We will make these adjustments in our August 7th Creative Café.  Additionally, the “4 Paths to Happiness” needs more time, so we will spread those across 4 mini-workshops in the future starting the 3rd Tuesday in August.  This will shorten "talk time" and lengthen "play time"!


TOPICS: Why Creativity? & Creative Mastermind Teams

TIME: 7pm-8:30pm (expanded time to increase interaction & play)

- We will begin with introductions of the presenters as well as the attendees to get to know each other (5 min.).

- Dr. Kailash Jaitly (a clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, and former director of Child Psychiatry at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, Colorado) will focus upon how crucial creativity is to success in life and mental health.  Dr. KJ will lead an open discussion, with attendees asking questions & contributing personal experiences. (20-30 min.)

- JAK will cover what Creative Mastermind Teams & "blueprint analogies" are as well as why they are important to you.  A quick review of the "BELLIES" technique will also be given (with a handout of the Creativity Game in its entirety - 5-10 min.).

- Attendees will break into Creative Mastermind Teams & play the Creativity Game while Dr. KJ & JAK respond to questions during play (40 min. or more).

NOTE: The Creativity Game is comprised of 6 rounds.  The "BELLIES" technique is normally introduced as Round 2.  "Blueprint Analogies" is introduced as Round 4 along with Creative Mastermind Teams.  To further reduce "talk time" & increase "play time", we will provide a printout of the full guidelines for the Creativity Game for use by attendees during play.

Since we will be able to accommodate only 12 attendees on August 7th, we request everyone RSVP to this email if you wish to attend.  If we have more than 12 RSVPs, we will schedule a repeat of this workshop on Tuesday, August 14th.  Similarly, if we have over 12 RSVPs for August 21st, we will repeat on August 28th.  If you prefer one date over another, please note it in your RSVP.  If you do not want to receive more notices about Creative Cafe, please reply with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.

Thank You to everyone who joined us on July 17th!  And Dr. KJ & I look forward to seeing all of you in August!

Best Regards,



John A. "JAK" Keeran


Our first Creative Cafe mini-workshop will be at Poor Richard's Bookstore next Tuesday, July 17th, starting at 7pm.  Here is a link to Poor Richard's for directions:

Our topic will be the "Creativity Game!"  You will learn and play the first two rounds of this fun and useful game.

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