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Saturday, 11 February 2017 11:49

February 2017 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt

CSE Group Members:

We have a great February Meetup planned with a Featured Business Speaker and Two Entrepreneurial Speakers.  Also, we will also provide an update on our SaaS/Cloud/Internet Venture Development Cluster activities.

We will be meeting again at the ENT Conference Center at Library 21c at 6PM on Tuesday February 28th so update your calendars.

I'm pleased to announce that our Business Speaker for February will be:


Michael McCausland, Founder - MAI/Life Entrepreneurs

Mr. Michael McCausland is the CEO of McCausland Associates International LLC,

McCausland Associates is a Colorado Springs, CO based consulting firm providing end-to-end solutions for strategy development, organizational alignment, and culture management practices.   MAI has almost 30 years of proven performance in helping organizations achieve success across a broad range of capabilities ranging from strategy development and organizational alignment to personal development planning and training

I've known Michael now for just under 2 years after meeting him initially at a local YWAM Emerge conference here in the Springs, and then following up with him a year later on a Clean Tech Open company I was mentoring at the time who was looking for international markets for their innovative hand-held electricity generator (SIVA).   Many of you came and saw David Delcort's presentation on SIVA Cycle and their innovative ATOM USB Bicycle Charger at our Aug 2015 Meetup.

Recently, Michael has introduced me to his new start-up and entrepreneurial training program called "The Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs", which is a new venture for Entrepreneurial Training services he has developed utilizing a world class template from an MIT Bootcamp that he has updated and enhanced for the LIFE Program.   (See below).

About Michael:

Michael is the CEO of McCausland Associates International LLC, a Colorado Springs, CO based consulting firm providing end-to-end solutions for strategy development, organizational alignment, and culture management practices. Michael started his career as an NRC licensed nuclear power plant Reactor Operator and then moved into training design and delivery. As the power utilities began to deregulate he formed a consulting company focused on rapid, large-scale change management and culture transformation. In addition to large-scale change, Michael specializes in the people side of change including culture design and development.

On the non-profit side, Michael was a Founder and the Executive Director of a non-profit operating in more than 150 countries over a 15-year time span. During his tenure, the organization launched two global networks; one focused on business development and the other on disaster preparedness and response.


Michael is now focused on launching the Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) to help emerging entrepreneurs with a whole product solution ranging from ideation all the way to operations and scaling and a supporting ecosystem for funding and growth support.

Michael is certified by MITx to train the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp course curriculum.

The Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) was birthed out of a desire to equip growth-oriented entrepreneurs with the tools they need to de-risk the startup, grow their business, and scale successfully.   His search led to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp provided the skills and learning environment we were looking for to equip the next generation of business leaders. The MIT Bootcamp provides a rapid, just-in-time, value based immersion experience. Following completion of the MIT MOOCs (massive open online courses), the student Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and the instructor Bootcamp, we set our sights on launching the LIFE Entrepreneurship Boot Camp prototype.

First Launch of LIFE in Colorado Springs:

The first LIFE Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (LEB) launched on Oct 17-21, 2016 in Colorado Springs CO. With the help of MITx as a knowledge partner, his goal was to try and replicate the MIT experience. The LEB launch was attended by 18 students from 6 countries and supported by 4 mentors (2 were MIT GEB Alumni) and 5 Demo Day judges, 3 being investors. The Demo Day winning team was approached the following week for investment by one of the investors !



Entrepreneurial Speaker 1:  Clinton Knox

Our first Entrepreneurial Speaker will be Mr. Clinton Knox of Brainitz , (a new Colorado Springs based web-based video education solutions company.

Brainitz turns videos into interactive lessons.

Brainitz is a web based tool that allows teachers to take recorded lessons and embed questions throughout the video to ensure understanding. Videos pause when a question pops up, if a student gets the question wrong, the video goes back to the missed information, replays and asks the student the question again. Unlike traditional videos, Brainitz checks for understanding throughout the video and reteaches the student as needed.

About Clint:

In High School and early college Clint Knox created web pages for the US Army Corps of Engineers. He graduated from Southern IL University with a degree in Education and immediately started working for the YMCA. After moving from Program Director to Executive Director of four years at YMCA Camp Shady Brook, Clint transition into teaching.

During his 9 years as a teacher he received his Masters from Colorado College, became a National Board Certified Teacher, and started, ran, and sold Spree Racing LLC, an event management company. He is now the founder and CEO of Brainitz an education technology company that turns videos into interactive lessons. Aside from his career, Clint Knox an Ironman triathlete, accomplished power lifter, is married to an amazing wife, mother, and doctor of physical therapy, and is a proud father of a one year old girl.





Entrepreneurial Speaker 2:  Daniel Glanville

Our Second Entrepreneurial Speaker will be Daniel Glanville, of Precision Wealth Management.  Daniel is a long time CSE Group member who is a Financial Advisor and is now working with a local Colorado Springs based MyNetSum, which is launching and offering a number of innovative personal financial services.

MyNetSum has simplified the financial language, put it into processes that work to save you as well as make you household money. More importantly,  MyNetSum shows you how to focus your  finances on your lifestyle. MyNetSum has developed a revolutionary financial approach has already helped thousands across the nation live their lifestyle of choice while being in control of their finances.

In Daniel's talk, he will be presenting a creative way we can all own a piece of the greatest investment of all time. The Human Spirit. Through inventive solutions we can give the everyday person access to investments and strategies traditionally reserved for the likes of Warren Buffet.

About Daniel:

His title may be Financial Advisor at Precision Wealth Management, but he considers himself more of a "coach". In it's original meaning a "coach" was a vehicle meant to get you from one destination to the next. It did not matter where you were, a coach would pick you up and take you one or more stops closer to your final destination. It could even take you all the way there.  At Precision Wealth this is Daniels Philosphy as an adviser.

Whether you are in your sixties and planning your retirement, in your 20's and just getting started, or somewhere in between he would like to help make it at least one step closer to your final destination




Update on SaaS/Cloud Internet VDC:

And rounding out the evening, I will provide an update on some new developments in our SaaS/Cloud/Internet VDC as it relates to some new developments in Healthcare Information Exchange software solutions we are looking at deploying and some new software, company, and eco-system developments locally in the intersection of Cyber Security and Health Information that I think you will find quite interesting !


So, bring a friend and sit back for a great night of engaging business and entrepreneurial speakers along with some high-caliber networking that you can only find locally at the CSE Group Meetup !


Mike Schmidt, Chair











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