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Sunday, 01 October 2017 04:47

September 2017 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt

To CSE Group Members:

This Month we will have a two unique Business Speaker Presentations from one of our newest members, Bryan Clark of B2B CFO, and from a long time CSE Group member,  Ann Bremenkamp from WN Financial Solutions.

Note: see below for an introduction to Ann and her company WN Financial Solutions following the overview for Bryan.

Bryan Clark:

I had a chance to sit down with Bryan a couple of weeks ago to get a briefing on the B2B CFO program, and I have to say it is quite unique and innovative. 

Bryan has a long history of experience over 30 years in roles spanning from senior financial analyst, to entrepreneur, to controller, to CFO, resulting in a thorough understanding of what it takes to maximize a business’s cash flow, profits, and value.  Bryan has an extensive background in serving commercial and federal government clients, across the healthcare, government contracting, IT services, light manufacturing, and professional services sectors

Bryan will be presenting an overview of a unique B2B (Business to Business) program he is involved with as a local partner providing advisory and consulting services to business. Brian will open with a 2 1/2 minute B2bCFO video, walk through The B2B CFO GamePlan®, followed by an educational PowerPoint on the P&L, ratios, and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).

B2B CFO Partners, LLC, dba  B2B CFO®  is an Arizona limited liability company where B2B CFO® partners are independent contractors and are not officers, employees or agents of, or partners of joint venture's with, the companies they serve, nor are they Independent CPA's.  For more information on B2B CFO:

About Brian:


Bryan's Bio:

Bryan has an extensive background in serving commercial and federal government clients, across the healthcare, government contracting, IT services, light manufacturing, and professional services sectors.  This diverse background encompasses management of finance, accounting, sales, procurement, inventory, and facilities.  He has worked for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups.

Bryan was recently the CFO for a government contractor where he helped them to become more profitable, develop processes and procedures, and enhance the usefulness of their ERP system.  His experience in compliance of government regulations and programs such as FAR, DCAA, CAS, SBA and the various contract vehicles enabled them to receive approval for four years of past incurred cost rates submissions, successful completion of a DCAA audit, and several annual public audits.

Bryan has been the CFO of a $100 million radiology practice where he was able to reorganize the business office, resulting in a 10% reduction of staff without decreasing any of the departmental benchmarks, and meeting all billing and collection goals.  The company was able to expand services in productive facilities with the purchase of millions of dollars of equipment and close an underutilized facility.

He was also in charge of the financial area of a startup high-tech company that provided goods and services to the defense and space contracting industry.  Bryan’s strategic planning, budgeting, development of internal controls, debt management, management of infra structure growth, and risk management enabled the company to grow rapidly over a five year period to over $20 million in revenue and ultimately sell the company to a publicly traded company.

Bryan earned his B.S. degree in accounting from Colorado State University.  He holds an active CPA license in the state of Colorado and a member of the AICPA.  He lives in Monument, Colorado with his wife Shanna and enjoys his three daughters, one granddaughter, golfing, the outdoors, and weightlifting.

Ann Bremenkamp - WN Financial Solutions:

Ann's been one of our long time members and a true entrepreneur in her own right owning and operating a number of businesses before establishing WN Financial Solutions in Colorado Springs, CO.   Here services help entrepreneurs and businesses all over the nation secure funding they need, to get off the ground or to expand, including purchase or refinance commercial real estate. The financial programs are tailored to each individual business.

About Ann:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Ann was born and raised in Thailand.  She graduated from Thammasat University in Thailand with B.A. major in Finance.  She came to the United State in 2000 and earned a master’s degree in Computer Networking.   She worked in Import/Export and international trade for 12 years.  In the third year of operation of a metal scraps business, (that was registered in 2010 in the United States), she wanted to expand her business and take it to the next level.  At one point in her business, she was denied a loan from the bank.  That experience planted the idea in her to establish her own company that would help entrepreneurs and business of all sizes start and expand their companies.

Topic for her Talk:

"Business and Commercial Real Estate Financing options, when a bank denies you"

I think you will find Ann's presentation quite interesting as she has put together a unique blend of financial services for the entrepreneurial community.

Library 21c:

Remember, we are meeting at Library 21c this month... Mark your calendars and bring a friend...

September 2017 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

PPLD - Library21c - ENT Conference Center
1175 Chapel Hills Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
6:00PM - 9:00PM

Hope see some of our new members this month!


Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

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