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Wednesday, 22 November 2017 13:09

November 2017 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt

November 2017 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

To CSE Group Members:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...!!

We have a great line-up of speakers planned for our November Meetup next week on Monday the 27th  !  

So I hope you can make it back from the long Thanksgiving holiday break and join us.

ENT Conference Center:

Remember we are meeting at the Ent Conference Center Room at Library 21c this month, so don't forget !

And we might also have some great "Extra Thanksgiving Fixins" (Food & Refreshments) for those of you who did not get enough at your family Thanksgiving meals.  I promise these will NOT be leftovers !!  :)

Two Great Speakers, Two Really Interesting Topics: 


1. A Free 45-Minute Training Presentation:

Mr. J. Gieo Pensoneault - President G3 Media Group

Title:  "5 Master Keys to Attracting Clients in the Digital Age"

As many of you know Gieo is a new member to the CSE Group.  And now in a unique "45 minute training session" from Gieo, we will learn how to combine high touch relationship building skills together with the latest digital marketing to attract your ideal clients.  If you’ve seen the effectiveness of online marketing drop to zero, this training will provide insights to an innovative approach that is adapted to the new conditions.  If time permits Gieo's training will include an introduction to the methods of consultative
selling that eliminates cold calling and sales closing methods.

About J. Gieo Pensoneault:


His primary work is helping innovators in business, health and personal development to grow virtual, six figure practices that can be operated from anywhere in the world.  My background includes a degree in media communications and that has enabled me to develop expertise in authentic branding in the digital age.

J. Gieo Pensoneault, President G3 Media Group

G3 Media Group's Website:




2. Entrepreneurial Pitch: A Glimpse into the Future of Transportation

Mr. D. Worthington - President - Loop Global

Mr. Worthington will be presenting an exciting concept for transportation that is one of the 3 major players developing "Hyperloop" like systems for land based transportation using tube transportation architectures.   His new start-up company, Loop Global Inc. (Loop) manufactures hardware and software components for tube transportation and develops next generation mobility projects. 

They specialize in the design and production of the licensed Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3™) system. ET3™ that provides the most valuable combination of safety, speed, cost, and efficiency for passengers and cargo.


I met D Worthington up in Fort Collins last week at an Innosphere presentation about Loop Global and as many of you know Loop Global is in discussions with the City of Colorado Springs as they unveiled plans over the summer to build a 3-mile demonstration track that people could pay to ride.  Colorado Springs remains a candidate for the project, said CEO D Worthington, even after the Colorado Department of Transportation announced that it will let Los Angeles-based transportation company Arrivo build a test track near Denver International Airport.

Here is the Gazette article for background:

I spoke with D about his plans for the Springs, and I told him that the CSE Group would definitely like to support his efforts, spread the word, and see if we can help encourage the City to pursue this unique development. 

So if you want to get the "skinny" on one of the best ideas in high-speed transportation, from an "equally high-speed" entrepreneur... your in for a real impactful pitch !

About D. Worthington:


D Worthington is a self described "Sustainability Activist Turned Co-founder"  his interests include:

TECH: tube transportation, blockchain, automation, IOE, SMART Cities, AI, and VR/VR/MR, thorium, superconductivity/magnetics

SOCIAL: affordable access to the basics, community building, networking/mentoring, 20 hour work week

ECONOMIC: job creation, trade, cognitive supply chains & infrastructure, connecting diverse industry clusters/megaregions

GOVERNMENT: Public-Private-Partnerships (P3), urban growth planning & design, mega diplomacy

According to D.... There is a new paradigm being built right now, the third wave of innovation. There will be more progress in the next 30 years than humanity has ever seen before. Grab your sunglasses, the future looks so bright!

About Loop Global:

Founded in late 2014, Loop™ commercializes the ET3™ tube transportation system architecture. Imagine an on-demand, automated personal transport system that connects you to where you need to be in minutes. Car-sized capsules are routed through an almost airless network of tubes. Decades of research has resulted in a system designed for you – it is safe, fast, efficient, and affordable.

Looking forward to seeing some of our new members as we have now surpassed a 1,000 members in our 10th year, and we have begun to open-up a number of new initiatives for the group to pursue in 2018.

So see you next monday, and have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends !


Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

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