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Sunday, 29 April 2018 22:53

April 2018 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt


CSE Group Members;


Looks like it's April and time for some "Financial Education"... Seems like this becomes one of our topics every year in April most likely due to tax month, but for some reason we end up with really good topics and speakers...

Financial Education:

This month you are in for a treat, as will have the opportunity to experience a really "engaging" talk by Jack Cassidy, (one of our long term members) who is a financial professional and will give one of his favorite talks on the "Keel and Canvas"

“Keel and Canvas”:

Jack's objective is to show how the left side of the balance sheet supports the activities of the income statement, and the right side of the balance sheet is where the left side comes from. The sailboat analogy shows how that works. Most people get that it takes some amount of Money to go from ZERO to $100 in revenue. Now we show that it takes a similar amount to go from $100 to $200 !

jackcassidypicAbout Jack Cassidy:

Like Ben Franklin Jack is a Philadelphia boy, The term Hoagie may have been coined in Jack’s parent bar in South Philly. Educated in the midwest, Iowa State, BS and Northwestern University Kellogg Grad (MBA)

The BS stands for Balance Sheet not Bachelor of Science !

- Partner in Hedrick McBride Development Real Estate Development … (Partner Tom McBride was taught to fly a Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star by Chuck Yeager)
- V.P. Acquisitions Occidental Land Research (SEC Registered Syndicator providing equity to real estate development)
- Associate Pro Forma West (Business brokerage and Private Equity Brokerage)
- Principle Kepler Financial (Private Equity Brokerage)
- Principle Carver Hall Group. (Financial Consulting)
- Adjunct Faculty at Cal State University (Dominguez Hills and Fullerton campus)

carverhalllogoAbout Carver Hall Group:

Carver Hall Group is a consulting and brokerage team that is dedicated to connecting science and technology with industry and commerce.


Affordable and Obtainable Housing:

Also, this month I will provide an update on the proposed Affordable and Obtainable Housing "Test Pilots" we have proposed for the City of Colorado Springs, and the County of El Paso... This also includes a number of local aid agencies who are interested in solving affordable housing in our local community.


In addition, I will provide an update on Ballot Initiative 66 which is a really bad upcoming voter initiative coming out of Boulder to try and attempt to restrict the number of single family housing developments in 10 counties in Colorado. Will present the "pros and cons" and some of the background behind this initiative.

Will also have another "Open Mic" opportunity for our members who would like to make some "mini-pitches" on their businesses, or propose some challenges to our group for problem solving on a particular issue or development in their business. You never know what to expect with Open Mic !

Looking forward to seeing many of our recently added members this month !


Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group




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