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Thursday, 31 May 2018 13:07

May 2018 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt


May 2018 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

CSE Group Members

For our May Meetup, we will be starting 30 minutes LATER at 6:30PM as we have a group ahead of us that is scheduled through 6pm...

So be sure to COME AT 6:30PM, and NOT 6:00PM !!

openmiccolorTonight we will be having a 2-hour "Open-Mic" Night, where you get the chance to pitch and present a topic of your choosing... (a new product or service, a challenge you have, a hiring need, or a business strategy or tactic that you are wrestling with). Every now and then we open up our meetings to have it be driven by our members in a free-form fashion.


You never know what kind of engaging topics we get into as our members have such a broad range of companies and projects.


Also, it's the beginning of Summer, schools are out, and it's time to relax a little bit.

So will square-up the tables and chairs and dive in !

Looking forward to meeting some of our new members this month.

Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group





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