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Thursday, 14 January 2010 18:46

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group January 2010 Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt

To CSE Group Members:

Opening-up our 2010 season we have a great evening planned for the CSE Group Meeting... (See agenda below).

Be sure to RSVP on the Meetup Site, (for Members):

Mike Schmidt
CSE Group Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group January 2010- Meeting Agenda: (Update 1)

1. "Gettin in the Mood" - Food and Refreshments, Socializing, Introductions - - 25 Minutes (Group)
-- Food Sponsor - Ensemble Ventures, LLC

2. CSE Group Membership News and Internet Updates - 5 Minutes (M. Schmidt - Meetup & NING)
-- Org Site, Ning Site, Meetup Happenings

3. Special Guest Business Speaker - 30 Minutes

Mr. Karl Dakin, CEO - DaVinci Quest , LLC


About Karl:

Karl Dakin is business startup veteran with 30 years of experience acting as consultant, advisor, legal counsel, expert witness, investor, principal investigator, educator, officer and director to a large number of private businesses, educational organizations, professional associations and government agencies. Mr. Dakin has served as an executive in many leadership positions pursuing business opportunities in multiple markets. Working with cutting edge technology and programs for commercialization of innovation, Mr. Dakin has brought to bear his own creative and communication talents. He has shared knowledge gained through these experiences through extensive writing, speaking and instruction

Karl's Talk:

"Innovation Contests as Innovative Showcases" - Karl will talk about the development of DaVinci Quest's innovation contests program. They have taken a proven model for innovation and incorporating it with the power of crowdsourcing and developed a unique competitive contest opportunity. DaVinci Quest announced its first innovation contest planned to demonstrate technologies that can make a house smarter, safer and greener - The Green House Contest.

BREAK (5 Minutes)

4. "QuickPitch" - "Off The Floor and Off the Cuff" Entrepreneur Sales Pitch - 1 Minute Each
-- Volunteer Pitches from Members who are seeking capital, seeking help, seeking customers, etc.
-- No reservation needed. If you want to make a "QuickPitch" - Bring it On !

5. 1st Guest Start-up Entrepreneur(s) - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A

Brian Smith, Principal - Groovz Design

About Brian:

Brian Smith is a student of innovation, especially as it relates to manufacturing techniques and processes. A mechanical engineer by trade, he's been working in the manufacturing sector for 10 years. Among his areas of fascination is the concept of lean manufacturing, reduction of anything not contributing to value of the product throughout the manufacturing process. Brian sees a niche market where he takes an idea from a conceptual sketch through the stages of product development, implementing lean production ideas and methods throughout.

Brian's Talk:

"Getting in the Groovz" - Groovz Design works to introduce the innovators in this market to innovative manufacturing techniques, innovative manufacturing processes, even innovative manufacturing and business models. It is the strategy of Groovz Design to work along with innovators to put a novel idea through a proven system that results in the lean production of a finished product, integrating the distribution system and business methods of choice.

6. 2nd Guest Start-up Entrepreneur - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A
-- Speaker to be announced

CSE Group Business Happenings:

7. Small Business Funding Developments:
--3Ci Collaborative Community Capital Program - Mike Schmidt - 5 Minutes
----- Program Update
--Seed Capital Fund - "Velocity Innovation Partners"
----- Program Update

8. InSide/OutSide Your Business - 5 Minutes
-- Tips and Techniques
-- Mike's Stack-O-Stuff

9. 2009 Year in Review, Comments, Suggestions, Improvements (CSE Group Performance Assessment)
-- Group Discussion, What can we do better ?

10. Group Discussions / Q&A

Formal Meeting Ends (8:00- 8:15PM)
-- Open Discussions/Small Group Meetings
-- Final Wrap !

Last modified on Thursday, 14 January 2010 18:54

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