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Monday, 24 December 2018 13:04

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group - December 2018 Update Email

Written by  Mike Schmidt

To CSE Group Members:

Just a quick email to express my thanks to all our CSE Group Members for your membership and active participation in our 10+year Entrepreneurial Meetup Group. Its been a real pleasure to Host and Chair these monthly meetings over the years.

It has been an interesting year for sure, and we have had a number of inspirational business speakers, and innovative entrepreneurial presentations. I think 2019 is shaping up to be another engaging year as their are a number of interesting "opportunities" in the making... (Some of you may know what this "code word" means). If not, drop me an email and I can explain !

We decided this month (Dec 2018) to take a breather... and NOT hold an end of year Christmas Party/Meetup... We figured that all you needed was ANOTHER event or commitment you had to make this holiday season !

Instead... spend some quality time with your family and friends... you earned it !

Some Closing Thoughts:

So, to be sure to end on a "high-note"... and provide some information and support to our members consider the following "Inspirational" contribution, and an "Informational" one that follows...

First: An Interesting take on Personal Responsibility, Entrepreneurial Grit, & Teamwork...

Ride for the Brand
by Paul Harwitz

The dismounted young cowboy asked the old hand,
"What does it mean when they say 'Ride for the brand'?"
The grizzled old-timer's age seemed to drop years,
And he sat straight up in the saddle as he surveyed the steers.

"It means a lot of different things, son.
It has a lot to do with what's lost and what's won.
I ain't talking about gambling, but earning a living,

Hard work, trust, respect, taking, and giving.

"It means you don't never foul up the land,
And you don't take unfair advantage or rob.
You work hard, even when the work's rough as a cob.
That's part of what it means to ride for the brand.

"It means you help your neighbors and your friends,
And you help even strangers just passing through.
It means you hire on a hungry saddle-tramp
Who needs a place to winter past the cold and damp.

"It means you don't let the poor folks go hungry
Just 'cause they're down and short on grub and luck.
And it means that you don't work just for a buck,
But 'cause you need work like water's needed by a tree.

"It means you can be trusted, and that you trust each pard,
To do the chores that are needed, no matter how hard,
'Cause you're all riding for the same outfit,
And you're all striving together to benefit it.

"It means you keep searching for that one last stray,
Even though it's the end of the day,
Even though you'd rather stop and go to town.
It means you don't lay your responsibility down."

"It means you give an honest day's work for an honest day's wage,
Whether you're in the corral or out riding the range.
Every job's important, and there ain't none that ain't.
It's not the cowboy way to quit though it'd be easier to say 'I cain't.'

"It means you'll not complain when you help dig a well,
Nor even have to be asked to spell a tired cowpoke who's stove-up.
It means you'll work with others as well as you'll work alone,
And that even when you're tired to the bone, you'll cowboy-up.

"That's what it means, that, and a whole lot more.
It means that you've got pride in yourself, your job, and the land.
So saddle-up. Toughen-up. Cowboy-up. Be a man.
Ride for the brand."­­

Second: Be sure to Protect your "Six" from a Cybersecurity Standpoint...

Have you been hacked? These four websites can tell you:

For many people keeping track of passwords and logins these days is a daunting task. But also trying to figure out which of your usernames and passwords may have been compromised or hacked... is even more frustrating. These days, data breaches are growing more numerous - and occurring at a dizzying pace. How do you keep up if you are supposed to protect your passwords and login information when they are being stolen from large company databases that you have no direct control over?

The best way is to find out if your security has been compromised so you can take immediate action, (like update your password, change usernames, etc.). You can do this now with a number of trusted data breach detection websites that have emerged over the course of the last 5+ years. These sites allow you to securely search through the latest hacked data to see if any of your sensitive information is at risk.

Here is a list of four of the best I've seen for you to use based on your security needs for both your email (the first 3) as well as for your website (the 4th):

You will be amazed at what you find... I was.   Let me know if it was helpful for you.

So, that's the wrap for 2018 !

Thanks again for your membership and friendship all these years...  Looking forward to meeting and working with all our CSE Group Members in 2019 !!


Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

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