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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 12:30

Launch of CSE Group CoffeeCrew Program !

Written by  Mike Schmidt

CoffeeCrewLogoSMWelcome to CoffeeCrew !

Last month in our First "Focus Forum" meeting we "launched" the idea for a "live" social networking activity that born out of one of the recommendations that one of our CSE Group members, Charles Mason suggested, that we might be able to put together weekly meetings with smaller groups to cover specific topics and discussion areas...    So, in response, Charles and I met a couple of weeks ago, discussed the program dynamics and logistics, and I've come-up with a catchy name for the new social networking activity, "CoffeeCrew".   And we have a new logo too ! (See our logo at right).

It's the CSE Groups answer to extending the "DNA" of the CSE Group into more local groups in the community, (by enabling more than just a single monthly meeting).  Our goal is to create a culture of "Coffee, Commerce, and Conversation" about innovation, entrepreneurship, and to create more frequent opportunities for business networking, lead generation, and tapping into a rich base of advisors and mentors in the community to help you better run your business.   We know you don't want to wait 30-days for another Monthly CSE Group Meetup Meeting to access those "roll-up your sleeves solutions" to day to day small business challenges, or to tap into "out of the box thinking" for your next product or service PR campaign that only comes from extreme networking and communications with fellow CSE Group members.


Charles has agreed to start the program off, by supporting and coordinating the first two CSE Group CoffeeCrew "mini-meetups" and moderate the online support Forums back on the web site.   We have also set-up a special menu item on the ColoSpgsBiz.ORG site called "CoffeeCrew" that will highlight the specific CoffeeCrew Mini-Meetup Info-pages, support individual custom blogs for each CoffeeCrew, and enable quick event calendar management to allow CoffeeCrew Coordinators to define specific calendar dates for their meetings, all from the front-end of the web-site using a special login credential and authorization.   Each CoffeeCrew Coordinator will also be able to manage their own Forum as moderator.   Charles Mason will be focusing on his two topic areas of interest, (1) Startup Advisor and (2) Invention Paradise. As new CSE Group members surface with CoffeeCrew mini-meetup ideas of their own, we can try them out and integrate their results, discussion findings, outcomes, etc., back to the Forum on the .ORG website for the rest of the CSE Group to benefit from.

Submit your ideas for new CoffeCrew Mini-Meetups to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it directly or post them to the forum.

Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

Last modified on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 13:29

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