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Most Challenging Small Business Hurdle
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 19:27

January 2013 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt

January 2013

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup


Alternate Energy Cluster


This is a follow-up meeting in our Venture Development Cluster Meeting series...

Our Meetup this month is scheduled for Wednesday January 30th at the East Library downtown at 6PM as we continue to develop our Venture Development Clusters in specific vertical markets.  This month we are again focusing on Alternate Energy, the people, the companies and the funding models for our proposed Alternate Energy Venture Development Cluster for Colorado Springs.

As many of you know there are a number of interesting Alternate Energy companies here in Colorado Springs that we have talked about before, and have had make presentations at previous CSE Group Meetup's.

So instead of "a rapid fire gauntlet of presentations"...  let's "Focus on Once Company" this month and see how we can help one of our own local entrepreneurs get to the next step...

This month we are going to follow-up on one of our favorite local entrepreneurs, James Culture, who has been working on his Hydrogen Processor solution for over 20 years at H2Hypod.

Over the course of the last several years James has experienced a number of challenging situations both personally and with hurdles and challenges at his company as he is attempting to raise capital, develop a production platform, and build up his marketing and sales efforts to put H2HyPod on the map.

Come and meet James, hear his story, and participate in the process, as we collectively meet to see if we can help him along his critical paths.

James Culture, Founder - H2HyPod


About James Culture:

James is a life-long entrepreneur and inventor, who in addition to his the development of Hydrogen Generation technology and the creation of the H2HyPod company, he has pursued a wide variety of careers and professional accomplishments and excelled in a number of real estate, finance and telecommunications professions along the way.  James is currently in Europe pursuing some strategic funding opportunities and was not able to make it back for our meeting this month.

About H2HyPod:

In August of 2006, a high efficiency, fully-scalable hydrogen generating technology was developed by H2HyPod after decades of R&D and Trial and Error manufacturing, fabrication, design engineering and field testing.  The core technology renders a larger amount of H2 from water through a more efficient use of electricity than previous methods, and is virtually pollution free.  This proprietary, licensed technology is the heart of the H2HyPod.

The size of a dictionary in the average passenger vehicle, although fully scalable for uses other than automotive, the H2HyPod can be installed in under one hour, making it practically plug-and-play for the 700 million vehicles currently in operation worldwide, a staggering number of prospective consumers.  Starting in the Canadian and US markets, H2HyPod, the company, plans to market and license the product worldwide.

As the world makes the transition from fossil fuels to green energy, H2HyPod is positioning itself to be the forerunner of retrofit transportation applications.





Drake Power Plant Discussion: "Go Pro, or Go Home":

As many of you know our town is currently "embroiled" in a major knock-down drag-out battle between Colorado Springs Utilities, the City, and an innovative local company named Neumann Systems Group who has built and installed a very sophisticated emissions control solution as a prototype at the Drake Power Plant in Colorado Springs.   Here is a quick overview of NSG:

Neumann Systems Group, Inc. (NSG) designs and builds emissions control systems for power plants and other industrial applications. NSG’s principal product line, NeuStream™, is a suite of emissions control systems that removes harmful pollutants from emissions sources like coal-fired power plants and industrial sources that contribute to ozone, acid rain, respiratory diseases and climate change. TheNeuStream™ systems are based on an advanced gas-liquid contacting device invented, developed and manufactured by NSG.

Open Forum Discussion:

I would like to lead an open-forum discussion about this situation as an "open-invitation" to all sides of the debate to come to the CSE Group Meetup and discuss the pros and cons of this "debate".  I know where I stand... "Go Pro".  We need to support innovative companies like this locally and innovative entrepreneurs like David Neumann to create a world-class technology solution for the reduction of emissions and pollutants from coal plants world wide.  What we don't need is "small town" politics and "turf wars" getting in the way.   We need to break through the log-jam of accusations and threats of lawsuits, and ethics violations and get down to the basic brass-tacks... Economic Development.  And folks, we have a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY right in front of our noses that requires "level-headed" and "smart business people" to rally to the defense of NSG and CSU.

If you have something to say or contribute about this "embarassing" situation that should have never happened in the first place... Come and join in the debate !

Should be a fun and Lively night !


Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs, Entrepreneurs Group

Last modified on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 19:35

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