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Most Challenging Small Business Hurdle
Wednesday, 21 January 2015 18:06

January 2015 CSE Group Meetup - Introduce Colorado Capital Congress

Written by  Mike Schmidt

January 2015 CSE Group Meetup

Introducing the Colorado Capital Congress Community Partnership with the CSE Group

Agenda UPDATE 2

OK, CSE Group Members, we are starting off the new year with a BANG... !

And that is to address one of the BIGGEST issues and challenges that faces our local small business and entrepreneurial communities.... and that is CAPITAL FORMATION. 

At this Month's Meetup we are going to Introduce a New Community Partnership between the CSE Group and The Colorado Capital Congress (CCC) to establish an ongoing series of educational and capital formation support services to improve upon the access to and acquisition of capital for Colorado Springs businesses.  (See descriptions below) 

Here is the Press Announcement:

Update: (1/28/15)

Karl Dakin's presentation tonight is a preview of his Crowdfunding Colorado Style four-hour educational workshop that he will be conducting on Saturday, January 31, 2015 up in Louisville, CO at "The Vault" which is located at the Davinci Institute.  For more information on registering and attending you can link directly to the Colorado Capital Congress here:

Karl's workshop will show you how to plan, obtain regulatory approval and conduct a Limited Registration securities offering in Colorado.  A Limited Registration offering is a sale of equity/debt/royalties by a Colorado business/charity/civic organization to Colorado citizens (no sales to anyone from outside Colorado).  Regulatory approval is required and obtained by submitting Form RL, $50, a copy of sales materials and promotional materials.  With approval, a Colorado business may publicly advertise that they are selling securities.  And, they can sell to anyone regardless of their wealth.  There is no limit on the number of non-accredited investors who may participate and no limit on how much each investor can invest.  A Colorado business can sell up to $5 million of securities.  Arguably, Colorado’s Limited Registration is the best crowdfunding option anywhere in the United States.

So, tonight's presentation will be "info-packed" and very educational with actionable steps you can take to put some capital resources to work for your company.


What is the CCC ?

The Colorado Capital Congress PBC , (a Denver based organization) is a social enterprise structured as a public benefit corporation in Colorado.  As an activist and advocate, it offers membership services in the conduct of educational programs, mentoring, networking, research, capital industry surveys, public demonstration projects, expansion of existing capital sources, establishment of new funds and programs and community support.


As many of you already know... raising money in Colorado Springs for new business formation, or existing product development or service expansion is about as fun as watching paint dry... Not engaging, and not rewarding.    That is why many of us have had to go "North" to Denver and Boulder or Fort Collins to seek out Seed Angel investors and Syndicate Networks to pursue funding for our ventures.  It's just not happening locally, as many of the current "angel investors" are either "tapped out" or not currently investing or interested in the sectors or spaces we are engaged or working in.

From every poll or survey I have conducted over the course of the last 7 years of Chairing the CSE Group, the need for addressing the ABSOLUTE SHORTAGE AND EPIC FAILURE of our local capital formation process is on the top of the list each and every time.  

So what is wrong ?

We have plenty of support organizations, and service providers here in town to help support hundreds of companies, so this is not a need.   In fact, many of the local meetup groups that are designed to "match-make" investors with entrepreneurs have become over-crowded with service providers seeking out work or contracts. 

Hey, don't misunderstand what I'm saying here... there is nothing wrong with selling and seeking out new business and work for your company, but there is a place and time for this... and its not in the middle of venture pitches or entrepreneurial oriented meetups.  There are plenty of other commercial and sales oriented meetups for this activity.

In addition, we have plenty of skilled and talented business and technology mentors in town that could help new start-ups that are emerging with support programs, but they are not "accessible" to our entrepreneurial community as we have a lot of private business service "silos" and "corral groups" that want to "funnel" small businesses and entrepreneurs into limited scale, and limited mentoring models for convenience sake. 

What we need to do is to "open-up" the contact and communications doors to more qualified mentors and start-up specialists and professionals, (which includes not just finance and accounting pros, but engineering gurus , software specialists, business development, and marketing/sales  professionals) to provide a more well-rounded base of professionals to support the process.  Some can be offered for free and volunteer in nature, others are engaged and contracted when and where required.

What is Needed ?

A fresh new perspective on WHAT CAPITAL IS, and what you need to do to be knowledgeable about HOW TO OBTAIN CAPITAL for your business.   And it's not always just "cash".  That means education... A VERY SPECIAL KIND OF EDUCATION.  A hands on, real-world education.

And we need to identify and approach NEW CAPITAL SOURCES throughout Colorado and the USA, because today, YOU DON'T have to raise money ONLY FROM LOCAL SEED ANGELS.... It's time to expand your perspectives, and options for capital.

And as many of you know we are developing our own local "Community Capital Investment" models and strategies along the lines of "Micro-Funding" initiatives to support our "Venture Development Clustering" concepts so this is completely in-line with our vision and thinking on the development of targeted funds and investors focusing on key specific clusters.

The COLORADO CAPITAL CONGRESS and CSE Groups' new Alliance:

That's why this month I am pleased to announce the new strategic alliance partnership between the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group and the Colorado Capital Congress (CCC).   Why ? Because access to capital remains a key challenge to starting and growing a business in Colorado Springs.  The Colorado Springs Entrepreneur Group is teaming with the Colorado Capital Congress PBC to  help address and develop solutions to these ongoing challenges. 

About CCC:


Within the capital industry, there is relatively little interaction between different capital sources.  A business turned down by a bank, angel investor or venture capitalist is often left with nowhere to turn.  A wide variety of alternative capital sources are not even considered. The Colorado Capital Congress is working to create local capital communities, where sources of capital will collaborate to assure that a business seeking capital is matched with an appropriate source.  Where no source exists, the Colorado Capital Congress will work to establish new funds or financing programs.

Business Speaker

Mr. Karl Dakin, CEO - Dakin Capital Services, LLC


Karl Dakin, Director of the Colorado Capital Congress, will provide a State of Capital in Colorado report.  Topics will address types of capital, capital sources and capital transactions.  He will discuss the health of Colorado’s capital industry, current trends and activities that will include planned programs of the Colorado Capital Congress to improve the capital ecosystem of Colorado.

karlPic2About Karl Dakin:

Karl Dakin is business start-up veteran with 30 years of experience acting as consultant, adviser, legal counsel, expert witness, investor, principal investigator, educator, officer and director to a large number of private businesses, educational organizations, professional associations and government agencies. Mr. Dakin has served as an executive in many leadership positions pursuing business opportunities in multiple markets. Working with cutting edge technology and programs for commercialization of innovation, Mr. Dakin has brought to bear his own creative and communication talents. He has shared knowledge gained through these experiences through extensive writing, speaking and instruction.


openmic2OpenMic Night:

As our two planned Entrepreneurial Speakers had scheduling conflicts for this month, we will reschedule them for our Feb and March meetups respectively.

So we will provide more time for our attending members for the always favorite "Open-Mic-Night" where you get to "Take the Mic From Mike" and come-up and present something that is on your mind, something bugging you, a new product or service you want to launch, a legal challenge you are facing you need some help on, etc.


We are expecting a large turnout this month, so be sure to RSVP your attendance and guest counts early !

And I am looking forward to meeting our new members this month !.


Mike Schmidt, Chair

Last modified on Wednesday, 28 January 2015 15:12

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