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Thursday, 30 April 2015 12:20

April 2015 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt

April 2015 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup:

Our meetup this month s scheduled for Thursday April 30th at 7PM to 9PM at the East Library.

This will be a short two hour meetup with an update on our SaaS/Cloud/Internet Cluster and client activities this past month, including a presentation by one of our new SaaS/Cloud Cluster members... Mr. Joseph Polanco of NexusLabs !

1M Cups Presentation Last Week:

Joseph just did his first "public" test showing of the PI.CO.RO concept at the 1M cups last week at IvyWild, and we decided that he should go ahead and do a presentation with the CSE Group this month, so he can get the kind of detailed feedback, (both technical and business) that our group is so famous for when we "run" our speakers through our discriminating pitch and review process !  (It's all in good fun as you know, but highly educational for our presenters)... !

Here is a quick overview of NexusLabs:

Company Description:

Nexuslabs, LLC is a Colorado Springs-based early stage company, developing a SaaS Software solution called "PI.CO.RO" that enables users to search, manage and "curate" social networking comments across multiple commenting engines that are used on today’s blogging and news sites.  With PI.CO.RO, users will be able to login, post and follow conversations across multiple commenting engines, as well as “Carve Out” and “Curate” individual comment sessions with third parties and manage them in a common interface.

Current Status:


At this time the company is working with an early Proof of Concept platform that was created initially for evaluation as we are developing the business and technology models for a SaaS-based subscription service for internet users called "PI.CO.RO":  It is a "Comment Curation"  platform.  And at this time, as far as we know... no complete and low cost social networking tool exists to login, post, and aggregate as well as follow conversations across different commenting platforms.  It’s also difficult for B2B businesses to monitor conversations that have spun off discussion boards hosted on their website.  Also, it’s not always prudent or desired to continue “commenting publicly” with a prospective client, when you really want to continue the discussion “off-line privately”.  However, with PI.CO.RO, we believe this will be possible and convenient.

Pitching at CSE Group:

We are interested in getting early user feedback and input on the early "Proof of Concept" or POC solution that Jo had developed as we begin to develop a more robust MVP solution moving forward. The early POC was developed to test the concept out on a single commenting engine.  We are planning on creating a second more robust MVP platform so we can test out a number of new product and service concepts around the "Comment Curation" business model.  So this early "sneak peak" is a way for us to accomplish this early User Feedback step.

 About Joseph:

Jo's background in business and finance has prepped him for his first technology start-up.  As a Finance pro in New York City for many years he learned the rough and tumble ways of the Commercial Real Estate market.  In addition to working in the Construction business locally,  he is interested in honing his skills as a start-up CEO and that's why he approached the CSE Group initially to network with our group and plug into our local SaaS/Cloud Internet cluster.

Jo's Frustration with existing blogging/news commenting engines and solutions has been years in the making.   Having worked intensely with multiple social media sites and third party commenting platforms over the years…  Joseph became frustrated with how tedious it was trying to work efficiently with multiple commenting platforms at the same time. He started looking online for an alternative.  After realizing there were few alternatives, that’s when the idea of PI.CO.RO was born.  Joseph formed a small team of developers to develop a possible solution and created a proof of concept version.

But now he needs to take the company to the next step in the process... raising some capital, developing the MVP version, and seeking out early customers and users.

openmic2Open Mic Night:

And again tonight we will have our popular "Open Mic Night" where you get to "Take the Mic from Mike". 

If you have some successes you want to report on, some challenges you are facing, or want to find out more about some of the other Entrepreneurs and Companies in the CSE Group, now is your chance.  Talks can span from a minute to 5 minutes to 10 minutes, (as long as you are engaging and interesting you can command the floor) !

I'm always amazed at the creative and wide-ranging exchanges we get into when we loosen the ties, and go with Open Mic...

Come hear Jo's story and pitch and help provide some of the feedback he is looking for !

See you Thursday night !


Mike Schmidt, Chair


Last modified on Thursday, 30 April 2015 12:33

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