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Most Challenging Small Business Hurdle
Tuesday, 17 November 2009 16:36

Agenda for our November 2009 Meetup !

Written by  Mike Schmidt
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group November 2009 Meeting Agenda: (Draft)

1. "Gettin in the Mood" - Food and Refreshments, Socializing, Introductions - - 25 Minutes (Group)
-- Food Sponsor - To Be Confirmed

2. CSE Group Membership News and Internet Updates - 5 Minutes (M. Schmidt - Meetup & NING)
-- Org Site, Ning Site, Meetup Happenings

3. Special Guest Business Speaker - 30 Minutes
Mr. Jeff Schneider - Principal - EFA "Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting Services

About the Speaker:
A seasoned finance and accounting professional with broad experience in many areas of business with various sized companies. He is currently the founder and president of Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting Services. EFA is a 6 year old company providing expertise, innovation, and efficiency in the financial management of small businesses. Jeff has leveraged his accounting and finance experience in large corporations to provide invaluable practical and theoretical advice to small businesses. This experience combined with hands-on daily experience as the CFO of several startup businesses gives him the unique skills to meet the finance and accounting needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Some career highlights include:

• 24 years of accounting and finance experience
• 12 years of management experience
* 3 years of public accounting experience.
• An exceptional educational background which includes a CPA designation, a BBA in Accounting and an MBA in Finance.

Throughout his business career, Jeff has made many types of presentations (both technical, informational, and motivational) to many levels (senior management, peers, and staff.) In 1998 he joined Toastmasters International in order to take his speaking skills to the next level. Jeff has a passion for providing critical finance and accounting information and skills to small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them succeed in achieving their dreams.

About Jeff's Talk:
Entrepreneurship – A Financial Perspective

Overview: Many people start a business with little or no regard to the financial requirements of doing so. They ignore the actual investment required and the returns necessary to ensure they receive an acceptable return on that investment. This presentation is applicable to individuals who are planning to start a business and those that have already started one. It covers common pitfalls, issues that need to be considered, and ways to look at the success of a business from a financial perspective.

BREAK (10 Minutes)

4. "QuickPitch" - "Off The Floor and Off the Cuff" Entrepreneur Sales Pitch - 1 Minute Each
-- Volunteer Pitches from Members who are seeking capital, seeking help, seeking customers, etc.
-- No reservation needed. If you want to make a "QuickPitch" - Bring it On !

5. 1st Guest Start-up Entrepreneur(s) - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A
-- To Be Confirmed

6. 2nd Guest Start-up Entrepreneur - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A
-- To Be Confirmed

CSE Group Business Happenings:

7. Small Business Funding Developments:
--3Ci Collaborative Community Capital Program - Mike Schmidt - 5 Minutes
----- Program Update
--Seed Capital Fund - "Velocity Innovation Partners"
----- Program Update

8. CSE Group Business - Mike Schmidt - 5 Minutes
-- CSE Group Site Discussion (http://www.colospgsbi...)
-- EndoExo Update

9. InSide/OutSide Your Business - 5 Minutes
-- Tips and Techniques
-- Mike's Stack-O-Stuff

10. Group Discussions / Q&A

Formal Meeting Ends (8:00PM)
-- Open Discussions/Small Group Meetings
-- Final Wrap !
Back at the East Library ! - Yeah ! Room to Spread Out !
East Library
5550 N Union Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Last modified on Tuesday, 17 November 2009 16:37

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