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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 19:59

August 2015 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt

To CSE Group Members and Guests:

This month's Meeting Theme: "Alternative and Advanced Energy"

As you know, I did a "Sneak Preview" at last month's meetup on a new company we are working with and mentoring in conjunction with the Colorado Clean Tech Open named Siva Cycle ( that is now based in Boulder after recently moving to Colorado from Boston in June.   They also have operations in Emeryville, CA as well. 

Well, next week at our August 24th Meetup... We will have the REAL DEAL ! 

Presentation by Co-Founder and CEO David Delcourt:

So, as promised,  I have asked the Co-Founder and CEO, David Delcourt to come to the Springs this month and  do a full presentation and demonstration of their exciting technology developments that will be "extending" their core Atom Generator technology into new Kinetic Energy power creation markets both domestically and internationally.

They are in a growth mode, looking for strategic partners and additional capital so let's see if Colorado Springs can put a full court press together to help  !

About Siva Cycle:

Siva is a 2+ year old company that has developed an innovative USB-based charging solution for bicycles called "Atom".  The Siva Atom is a lightweight USB generator to charge any of your personal electronics as you cycle. Easy and intuitive to install, you can charge while riding or once you arrive, thanks to the 1650mAh removable battery pack.

After an already successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013, (where they raised $126,000) they already have a full year of sales under their belts with REI and a number of cycling distributors in the US and worldwide.


About David Delcourt:

Currently David is the CEO and Co-founder at Siva Cycle.  Siva designs and produces portable power solutions for cyclists, people on the go, and the 1.3 billion with no access to electricity.  Design forward and cost conscious, Siva Cycle is re-defining the idea of a personal power ecosystem, delivering clean, kinetic energy at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

David has a long history specialized in energy, sustainability and renewable's across a variety or sectors, and concentrate on high impacts.  He enjoys building small teams to tackle big problems, identifying strategic partners, niche markets, and alternative channels to distribute unique solutions.His  expertise includes business development, key account management, product development, product positioning, and strategic marketing.

Previously he was Director of Business Development for Noveda Technologies after Noveda acquired the company he co-founded - MakeMeSustainable - in July 2011.

He has held and operated in roles including founder, COO, sales manager, business development manager, product development specialist, and energy consultant in a variety of positions.  He was an Analyst of econometric models, evaluating financial damages litigation and rate cases, and drafted World Bank telecom report with a team at Nera (Now Mercer Consulting).   He speaks French and Spanish and is interested in expanding opportunities internationally for Siva.

Update on Tiny House Jamboree Exhibit for VSS/Ensemble:

During the Tiny House Jamboree recently held in Colorado Springs over the weekend of August 7-9th, Ensemble showcased an early concept overview of the Tiny Home CLUSTER Communities concept that is being developed by Ensemble Ventures and its Fuel Cell Technology Partner, Technology Management, Inc. to support the VSS/Villages initiative that Veterans Support Solutions is creating to enable various third party Veteran Village organizations that are being developed locally in Colorado and nationwide by a variety of Veteran Support Groups. 

Here is a graphic illustration of the concept we are talking about:

We will review our presentation for those who were not able to attend, and outline our strategies for helping to develop these low-cost, but high quality solutions for Homeless Veterans, as well as the Civilian Population at large.

Tami Donaldson, Founder/President - Veteran Support Solutions, L3c

Also I have asked Tami Donaldson of Veteran Support Solutions, L3c to stop by this month to provide her perspective and impressions about our joint presentation at the Tiny House Jamboree, and to offer some insights and her vision about the future for VSS and our initiatives to help fight Veteran Homelessness through new housing capacity management programs and our Tiny Home CLUSTER Communities concepts that can support third party Veteran Village Initiatives here in Colorado and across the US that are under development by a number of third party organizations.

About Tami Donaldson:

Veteran Business Owner - Suri Ridge Coffee House

July 2013 – Present (2 years 2 months)656 Peterson Rd Colorado Springs




President - Veterans Support Solutions, L3C

2001 – Present (14 years)Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

Veterans Support Solutions is committed to assisting the local Veteran community by providing resources awareness forums to ease the transition and to achieve sustainable growth through building credibility, loyalty and trust from our client base while providing deliverables to our shareholders.

HR / Logistics / MI Operations Director

US Army December 1980 – January 2014 (33 years 2 months)

Launched and led HR organization to support 567 personnel in mobilization exercise and provide updated data with zero errors for financial and personnel record changes including life insurance beneficiary modifications, security clearance processing/status, promotions, physicals, and medical updates. 
Commanded $10M+ transportation department budget, managing logistics and orchestrating end-to-end tracking process that delivered 10-fold improvement in vehicle scheduling and maintenance.Architect of electronic reference library, providing centralized platform of personnel policies and assignments for base of 1,000 personnel.

Power Paradigm Venture Cluster Fund Introduction:

And rounding out the evening, I will provide an overview of a new investment fund we are developing to support the growing Alternative and Advanced Energy markets.

PPVDC Fund I is a new Alternative Energy venture investment partnership and fund being developed by Ensemble Ventures, LLC that is one of the targeted  “Micro-Funds” in our “3Ci” (Collaborative Corporate Capital Investing) Seed Stage Fund Management Program.

Ensemble is proposing the creation of this adaptive investment partnership or what it likes to call a "Collaborative Corporate & Capital Investing Fund (3Ci) to help support the portfolio companies in the Power Paradigm Venture Cluster and to help guide and mentor the business development, technology adaptation, and market potentials for advanced Fuel Cell Solutions, Electric Drives & Transmission, Battery Technology, and Distributed Energy Generation and online Demand Management Solutions. 

The Fund is being specifically formed to support the Venture Development Clustering of companies who are pursuing business opportunities in Alternative Energy solutions and markets.  The Fund is seeking capital investment from strategic investment partners, seed angels, angel syndicates, private equity, and venture capital funds who seek to develop strategic relationships with technology development companies to help drive and develop advanced fuel cell technology solutions, electric drive train and transmission innovations, and distributed energy opportunities.

Should be a fun night !  Bring a friend... As always the refreshments are free !


Mike Schmidt, Chair


Last modified on Monday, 24 August 2015 12:10

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