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Most Challenging Small Business Hurdle
Friday, 25 September 2015 08:19

September 2015 Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Written by  Mike Schmidt


To CSE Group Members:

We have an exciting meetup planned for next week, (on Wednesday September 30th) at 6PM at our home base Meetup Location, (East Library on Union Blvd).  Should be a fast-paced night with some exciting announcements.  Here is a quick run-down:

New VDC/3Ci Initiative for Colorado Springs:

We are going to be introducing a new local Venture Development Cluster in the Cyber Security, Homeland Defense and Community Preparedness area, that we believe can help to play a local role in organizing a developing a significant economic development program for Colorado Springs.  (See the detailed overview below).

Small Business Presentation:

Also, we will be hearing a business pitch from a team from Wolff Corporation who will be making a presentation on their new initiatives in illuminated design and manufacturing using electroluminescent panels, electroluminescent wires, and LumiLor, the electrified painting process, that can light up almost anything !  (See the detailed overview below).

It's National Cyber Security Month in Oct 2015:

At this month's meeting, (in preparation for Next Month's National Cyber Security Awareness Month) which is designed to engage and educate public and private sector partners through events and initiatives with the goal of raising awareness about cyber security and increasing the resiliency of the nation in the event of a cyber incident, the CSE Group, (in a business development alliance between Ensemble Ventures, LLC and Accinctus, LLC), has decided to hold its FIRST public introduction and community engagement meeting to present and discuss its concept for the creation of a new HOMELAND Community Responders Venture Development Cluster or "HCR/VDC" for Colorado Springs.  *

This new Venture Development Cluster or "VDC" is being developed by Ensemble Ventures, LLC and Accinctus, LLC to create an economic development and community innovation initiative for Colorado Springs in the area of Cyber Security, Homeland Defense and Community Preparedness. 

We are holding this first public meeting to solicit input and feedback from interested community members, city organizations, corporate participants, etc. 

* Note: this is our Draft Logo and Branding concept.  We are open to input and suggestions on its look and feel and messaging.  Will discuss at the meetup.  At this point we are attempting to create both a mission brand as well as one that can be cross-purposed and utilized in other cities and communities.

We will be distributing a "Green Paper" at the Meetup, (which is a draft report and consultation document of policy proposals for debate and public discussion) as the first step in our process to help introduce our concept to the community, which will be updated with a more formal white paper to help drive the implementation and execution of the HCR/VDC initiative.  

Here is a quick summary of our Vision and Goals for the new program:  


To bring together interested parties in a collaborative environment to identify challenges and develop solutions within the focus areas of: Cyber Security & IT Resiliency, Homeland Defense, Business Continuity, and Community Preparedness. 


Through the HCR/VDC our mission is to create a vibrant local economic development program that helps to create real world solutions for educating the public about the real threats of cyber security, and creating tools and methods for prevention of and combating against cyber terrorists. 

We also seek to create a forum for public and private awareness about homeland security and developing appropriate responses and community preparedness solutions, and educating businesses of all sizes about the need for business continuity and supporting ongoing community preparedness initiatives that are already underway and established and or need further development and refinement.

VDC/3Ci Model:

3ciLogoThe HOMELAND Community Responders Venture Development Cluster (HCR/VDC) is based on the Venture Development Clustering (VDC) and 3Ci Micro-Funding model developed by Ensemble Ventures, LLC. and implemented and tested with the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group (CSEG).  Other VDC clusters are already up and operating in Colorado Springs, so this is our third initiative that needs your support.

The HCR/VDC creates a collaborative community support environment to address challenges and find solutions within the cyber security, homeland defense, business continuity, and community preparedness areas.  These disciplines share many common interests in the goal of protecting our community (local, state, or national) and many times utilize similar processes, tools, and strategy while addressing very different needs to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters of any size.  The cluster includes four focus areas;

  1. Cyber Security & IT Resiliency
  2. Homeland Defense
  3. Community Preparedness
  4. Business Continuity


In addition to the creation of the grass-roots Venture Development Cluster Concept we will be developing and raising a $25 Million dollar 3Ci (Collaborative Community Capital Investment)  "Micro-Fund" that will help us to identify, coordinate, engage, and underwrite as many of the key interested stake-holder businesses, organizations, and people who want to make an impact in protecting their local Homeland Community, and creating new innovative products and services to help develop a set of resilient hardware, software, services, methods, approaches, and best practice responses and solutions to Homeland Security and Community Preparedness that can be used locally or exported to other communities.  


We intend to create a positive communication process for the exchange of ideas across multiple disciplines focused on protecting the people, businesses, organizations, and infrastructure of our community with the following programs and initiatives:

(1) We will provide a collaborative environment for customers, partners, and service providers to explore solutions to increase resiliency in their business, non-profit, faith-based, government, or other organizations.  If anything the HCR/VDC will be come a living, breathing networking resource for the local community to interconnect and collaborate together that goes beyond simple industry directories or occasional networking events.  This is a proactive and engaging process that rewards participation.

(2) We are developing and plan to maintain investment resources with a formal process to support local new and small businesses working in the areas of cyber security, homeland defense, business continuity, or community preparedness.  As such, we will be creating and raising an initial $25M "3Ci" Collaborative Community Capital Investment" Micro-Fund that will be used to support local entrepreneurs, companies and projects in Colorado who will be participating in the HCR/VDC program, and will provide the resources necessary to support the Collaborative Community Challenges.

(3) We will be developing and deploying 4 separate "Collaborative Community Challenges" that will identify the top 5 challenges facing each of the 4 major areas of need: (1) Cyber Security & IT Resiliency (2) Homeland Defense (3) Community Preparedness, and (4) Business Continuity.  

(4) In each of these areas the participating members of the VDC will be "self-deterministic" in identifying and peer-reviewing the responses by people, companies, and collaborating organizations to the 5 Major challenges in each of four major areas of need.  From here we will reward capital prizes ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 for Challenge winners in addition to assisting and marshaling support from collaborating and participating companies in the cluster who have a stake in the successful outcome of the various challenges.

The Process:

Each HCR/VDC focus area will bring professionals and participants across multiple disciplines, professions, and organizations together that will be able to break down their respective areas of needs into more detail to identify the interests of the providers and customers in each area.

The four focus areas of the HCR/VDC have significant overlap in several areas.  The greatest area of overlap is the primary focus of protecting and defending the community from threats and disasters.  Secondly, many of the participants’ primary missions and organizations work with each other depending on the nature of the threat and the impact of the event.  As a few examples:

(1) The business continuity and cyber security participants would work together to address the risks of a long-term power failure on a business that relies on their network and data to function (such as a bank), as well as how to train and educate consumers and businesses to cyber attacks on their local IT Infrastructures, networks, and communications and computing devices.

(2) The cyber security and homeland defense participants would collaborate if addressing how to protect the community from a cyber-attack on our electrical grid from a foreign entity, or how to better identify potential "human threats" locally to create a responsive crime tipping, alerting and notification solution that straddles local law enforcement, state and federal agencies that is community driven.

(3) The community preparedness, homeland defense, and business continuity participants would work together when preparing how to respond and recovery from a major disaster such as a wildfire or earthquake, and how to better integrate and work with the various aid and support agencies that operate at the city, county and state levels.

(4) All participants would collaborate when dealing with the threat of a violent terrorist attack (such as a bombing) of a major event or critical infrastructure within the community.  


Interested participants in the VDC may include private companies, non-profit and faith-based organizations, government agencies, community service groups, investors, and individuals with interest in the 4 focus areas of the VDC.

Public Introduction and Community Engagement:

We encourage you to come to this months meetup and learn more about our HCR/VDC vision, and we encourage you to bring a friend or business acquaintance as we embark on this local economic development initiative.  It's a work in process, so this is your chance to jump-in and participate in a meaningful way.

Wolff Corporation Presentation:

And for our Small Business presentation we will have the tag team of Scott Curry, Chief Strategy Officer and John Trujillo, Chief Operations Officer of Wolff Corporation present their vision of Illuminated Design and Manufacturing using electroluminescent panels and elecroluminescent wires and painting technology from LumiLor.  They will be showing examples of products produced using these advanced materials and processes for snowboards, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, airplanes, buildings, and more

For More Info on their companies and product initiatives:

ElectroPaint Lighting Website:

Wolff Snowboards Website:

Overview of The Wolff Corporation:

The Wolff Corporation is the world’s most innovative company in illuminated design and manufacturing.  Combining multiple illuminated technologies including electroluminescent panels, electroluminescent wires, and LumiLor, we are able to light up almost anything. 



The Wolff Corporation has two brands – Wolff Snowboards and ElectroPaint Lighting.  In just a few days, Wolff Snowboards will be launching the world’s first electroluminescent snowboard on Kickstarter. 


Our other brand, ElectroPaint Lighting, will be the only LumiLor Lab in the state of Colorado, and only the 5th LumiLor Lab in the country.  LumiLor is a paint that lights up when electricity is run through it.  This means that anything that can be painted, can be lit up – including bicycles, motorcycles, cars, airplanes, buildings, and more. 

We are taking LumiLor orders now, and will start completing LumiLor projects once the rest of our equipment arrives at the end of October or beginning of November.  Our lighted snowboards, lighted longboards, and lighted hoodies can be purchased on Kickstarter at special pre-launch prices.  Production on those items will start at the end of October, and everything purchased on KickStarter will be shipped by December 15th.

Speaker Bios:

Scott Curry, Chief Strategy Officer Scott is a business consultant with over 15 years of experience.  He has run a number of companies, and now helps inventors and entrepreneurs start their own businesses.  Using a combination of innovative and traditional strategies, Scott gets new startups to a point where they are profitable, with systems and procedures in place to continue being profitable for years to come.  Scott helps companies get capital, find manufacturers, hire the right team, and build processes and procedures that will lead to their success.  Scott joined The Wolff Corporation in May and assists the CEO in the development and implementation of The Wolff Corporation’s strategic vision.

John Trujillo, Chief Operations Officer John joined The Wolff Corporation earlier this month.  John previously worked as the operations manager for a large technology company here in Colorado Springs.  He has been busy helping The Wolff Corporation source vendors, purchase equipment, and locate a manufacturing facility.  Soon John will be hiring a team of skilled employees to manufacture our snowboards, longboards, and hoodies.  John will continue to be an integral part of the team as The Wolff Corporation starts manufacturing next month.

So come and support your local CSE Group, and participate in helping to create and shape the new Homeland Community Responders Venture Development Cluster we are creating.


Mike Schmidt, Chair


Last modified on Friday, 25 September 2015 12:28

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