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HOMELAND Community Responders
Venture Development Cluster (HCR/VDC)
An overview for a Community-Based Economic Development
Innovation Initiative for Colorado Springs Developed by
Ensemble Ventures, LLC and Accinctus, LLC
To bring together interested parties in a collaborative environment to identify challenges and develop solutions within the focus areas of cyber security, homeland defense, business continuity, and community preparedness. 
  • Create a positive communication process for the exchange of ideas across multiple disciplines focused on protecting the people, businesses, organizations, and infrastructure of our community. 
  • Provide a collaborative environment for customers, partners, and service providers to explore solutions to increase resiliency in their business, non-profit, faith-based, government, or other organizations. 
  • Develop and maintain investment resources with a formal process to support local new and small businesses working in the areas of cyber security, homeland defense, business continuity, or community preparedness.
The HOMELAND Community Responders Venture Development Cluster (HCR/VDC) is based on the Venture Development Clustering (VDC) model developed by Mike Schmidt, of Ensemble Ventures, LLC., and is supported by the Business Continuity service concepts of Brian Siravo of Accinctus, LLC.
HOMELAND Community Responders Venture Development Cluster (HCR/VDC)
HCRVennDiagramSMThe HCR/VDC creates a collaborative community-focused environment to address challenges and find solutions within the cyber security, homeland defense, business continuity, and community preparedness areas.  These disciplines share many common interests in the goal of protecting our local community, while working with both state, and national agencies, who utilize similar processes, tools, and strategies while addressing very different needs to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters of any size.   
The Integrated VDC model includes a focus on four “interconnected clusters” of “Domain” experience and community collaboration that creates a balanced HOMELAND Community Response when they are working together towards common objectives.
Each Domain and focus area bringing professionals and participants across multiple disciplines, professions, and organizations together to address local challenges and develop appropriate HOMELAND Community Responses that align with the community members in each area.
Why is This Initiative Being Proposed ?
quoteMichaelRodgersToday, we live in a world that is more “interconnected” and “operating in real time” than ever before. The Internet touches almost all aspects of everyone’s daily life, whether we realize it or not.  Now State and non-state “bad actors” threaten to disruptive and launch destructive cyber attacks as well as physical terrorism incidents against the United States and its citizens and institutions by conducting cyber-enabled theft and physical destruction of both personal and intellectual property to undercut the United States' technological and military advantage. 
We the citizens of the USA must develop cyber  forces and homeland defense postures and procedures in response.   This is the goal of the HCR/VDC… to engage and educate the public and private sector partners through events and initiatives with the goal of raising awareness about cyber security and homeland defense threats increasing the resiliency of our local responses and organizations in the event of increasing cyber and terrorism incidents and attacks.
Our Domain Areas of Focus:

For more Information:

If you would like more information about the HOMELAND Community Responders Program, receive a copy of our September 30, 2015 Green Paper (Our Initial Vision, Policy and Public Discussion Report) or to receive an informative brochure about how to join and participate as a collaborator or sponsor in the HCR/VDC Initiative, click the "Inquiry Form" icon below for a quick online contact form and request. 





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